Sketches and character concepts 1/3

Some character sketches and concepts for this week. I apologize for the delay. Outside of a major Covid scare,  I actually started a new job after months of unemployment and hunting. So things are leveling off and I can breathe.

Here are the sketches to works for Katharos. along with sketches of a few crew members and early stages of what will become promo works for the characters.

Now that the extra outside work has been quelled, I can focus on only art for Katharos and get this comic rolling again.

with all the changes going on in social media, I am looking to keep comic updates primarily on mainly because it gives me full control over my material.  I have also created a mailing list and I would love for those (who haven’t already) to sign up to.

Thank you all for your support!

(repost because patreon is being weird)

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