It was supposed to be an easy heist. Each of the eight persons involved had their own private reason for wanting to drag Joe The Courier into their personal catastrophes.

With a person who has the ability to see your heart’s desire and locate it without fail, who could resist employing them… and by force if necessary.

So through careful planning, one major binding spell, a few underhanded tricks and a series of unfortunate events, the eight pirates involved all find themselves magically bound to one another. Their own trap backfired and now prevented them from getting more than one hundred miles away from the very Courier they tried to capture.

Not to mention that exceeding the one hundred mile limit starts a rather nasty (and painful) physical reaction for all involved and especially to the one who exceeded the limit.

And worse yet, all eight pirates find that instead of having power over the Courier, which was their original plan, Joe now has power over them!

After discovering that the binding spell that cursed them could be broken by finding the things that her captures desire most, Joe finds herself stuck with a group full of clashing ideals, beliefs, goals and each criminal wants their issue resolved first.

It’s the type of story where Final Fantasy steps into the Weird West and has a love-child Firefly/Serenity along the way. It is an action-packed story filled with intriguing characters and exciting capers. From creative takes on magic to high-speed train robberies and daring airship rescues, it’s a fantasy adventure of epic proportion – with a few laughs thrown in.